Integrity Investigations & Consulting specializes in employment and workplace investigations as a licensed Private Detective Agency. Owner Michael F. Pavone, Sr., is a 38-year veteran of the police profession in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, culminating with a 15-year assignment as a Detective Lieutenant with the Internal Affairs Section of the Massachusetts State Police (Retired.)


During Mike's tenure he has conducted hundreds of personnel investigations of both sworn and civilian employees. Whether the inquiries resulted in exoneration, disciplinary action, termination of employment, or criminal referral, the cases were always adjudicated in a fair and impartial manner. 


Integrity Investigations & Consulting is committed to providing the most thorough and professional investigations available to attorneys and their clients, municipalities, collective bargaining units, and private agencies, to ensure integrity is not compromised through employee misconduct. Our agency is committed to protecting employees and their rights from frivolous and unwarranted malicious accusations that has now become commonplace against our law enforcement community.


Whether the allegations have merit, or are erroneous in nature, the accusations must be addressed in an objective and forthright fashion without the trace of personal vendetta, retaliation, or conflict of interests. Investigations must also be conducted pursuant to specific rules of law, contractual agreements, and most importantly, project the appearance of transparency and fairness to minimize potential civil liability.            


Areas of Investigative Proficiency:

Safeguard Public Safety Personnel

Employee Transgressions

Racial/Discriminatory Matters

Conflict of Interest

Work Place Violence

Sexual Harassment

Feign Injury/Sick Leave Abuse

Workers Compensation

Misuse of Equipment/Technology

Addressing Measures to Enhance Efficiency/Effectiveness

Reviewing & Updating Policies, Procedures, Rules, & Regulations

Professional Affiliations:

Executive Committee Member, National Internal Affairs Investigators Association.

Former Massachusetts State Police Commissioned Officers Association.

Licensed Private Detective’s Association of Massachusetts.

International Association of Property and Evidence, Inc.

Central Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.

International Intelligence Network (Intellenet).

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association.

Massachusetts Police Association.

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If you feel we can be of assistance to you and your valued interests by ensuring matters of personnel investigations are addressed in a comprehensive, equitable, and confidential fashion, please contact us at your earliest convenience for a free consultation. Integrity Investigations & Consulting is fully insured, bonded, and licensed pursuant to all applicable Massachusetts State Laws and Requirements.

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